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Eagles Landing Dance Center (ELDC) has been inspiring students to dance since first opening it's doors in 1998. In 2005, Vanessa Gibson became the Artistic Director of ELDC and began transforming the academy into what it is today. ELDC offers a wide variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop, amongst others. Classes range is difficulty from beginner students to advanced pre-professionals. Our staff strives to give each artist the individual attention and instruction he or she needs to reach their potential. All of the instructors at Eagles Landing Dance Center have had many years of dance training and instruction experience. We began accepting students as young as 2 years old.​

In recent years, Eagles Landing Dance Center has seen continued growth in interest and continues to accept dozens of new students annually. Our 5,000 square feet studio is located in Stockbridge, GA and all of our dance studios have floating and sprung marley floors. These raised floors allow the surface to flex, rebound and absorb impacts; allowing students to dance longer with less stress and fatigue and have less risk of injury.


Our mission at ELDC is to provide each child with an opportunity to learn the art of dance in a positive, inspiring environment. We also strive to support and encourage every student whether they plan on becoming a professional or just want to dance for health, self-esteem or fun. Each individual is evaluated for placement by technical level and age to ensure the progress to the best of their ability. We offer individual attention, respect towards each student, and gentle guidance through the proper techniques of dance. We focus on the proper use of the body while developing artistry and self-expression within each dancer. We believe in an open forum for our team of teachers to communicate on the progress of our students and to discuss ideas for improvement in achieving our goals.


"We are dedicated to being a part of our community by encouraging communication through art. We believe through sharing our performances and providing a place where members of our community are welcome to learn the art of dance, thus adding to the depth and diversity of our community."

-Vanessa Gibson

2020_Gibson Repertory Ensemble_The Sinto
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